All breeders at Jollytime are HCM

& MPS VI DNA tested

and clear from the mutation


HCM & MPS VI reports &


available on all breeders.




Lets talk about Billy,


in 17 years of breeding 


He is in my opinion,

one of the best I

have ever seen. Just look

at the amazing coat he has,

and he's not even 1 year old,

in these photos. His boning

is massive, being the biggest male

I've ever owned &

his personality, what a

lovebug he is, calm , sweet,

demeanor, he's a gentle Gaint.

I just LOVE this boy,

Can't wait for quality kittens

from him.


" Billy Goat"


Chocolate Mink

Carrying Cinnamon







Solid Fawn

(Fawn is Dilute of Cinnamon)

Imported Direct

from Germany









Red Classic Tabby Bicolor

Carries Cinnamon & Dilute








Queens (Females)




Lilac (Diluted Chocolate)

Lynx Mitted

1/2 Germany lines






Cinnamon Mink Point





Cinnamon Lynx Point

Carries Dilute








                                              Seal Mitted 









Lilac (Solid) Lynx Mitted 

(Carries Cinnamon)






Chocolate Lynx Mitted



Seal Lynx Point



















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