What your Kitten is eating


Jollytime Kittens will be eating both a raw

diet and Purina Kitten chow Naturals.

I prefer them to be on a raw diet,

 as they thrive on it.

Why is it so great? , you know all

the ingredients, they gain weight,

have nice shiny coats, poop a lot less,

because they digest their meals,

and urinate more, as they drink

a lot more water.

They love it!!

For customers that don't have the

time or is grossed out by

handling raw food,

kittens will also be eating Purina

Kitten Chow Naturals.

You let me know which diet

you are going to keep

your kitten on, and that's the

food you will receive

when taking your kitten home.

I will attach links, pics and videos,

to help you get started on a raw diet.

Its easy once you get the basics down and

you can make batches for a

month and freeze it.


For those that want to feed dry kibble,

this is what your kitten is eating.

Purina Kitten Chow Naturals

in the 6.3 lb. bag, the bigger

bag is not moisture proof &

not as fresh.




Raw food Ingredients:

2.5 pounds ground beef 80/20


16.75 grams

Renewed Homemade pet food balancer

For Raw or Cooked Foods without Bones


2 ounces Liver


2 ounces Hearts


3.75 ounces (1 can) plain sardines


2 ounces of carbohydrate mix

(vegetables & starch)


1 Cup Water


Here is the recipe amounts &

Food choices



Here are links to the supplement ,

along with a coupon code:


   Use Coupon Code:



Here is a video of me making a 2.5 pound batch, actually its more like

3.5 when made.


See what your kitten thinks of a raw diet!